About Us

Who We Are

Passionate people with a singular goal: customer success.

Our mission is to wake up every day driven to meet the needs of our customers and enable their ability to compete by providing the latest software solutions to give them an edge against their competitors.


We believe that with the right attitude, enthusiasm and faith in Trimay’s value, our employees can make every customer happy.


We value trust as a major component of our success, both with our customers and our team members. If you can’t confide your project into your partner, the result will hardly be good.


We believe that curiosity is an essential trait for growth and development. We employ seekers and encourage ourselves to never stop improving.

Sky's The Limit.

Persistence is what we cherish most when it comes to solving problems, not giving up and pushing limits.

Commitment to Customers.

Our customers are the lifeblood of our business and our most important stakeholder. We believe commitment to customers has the largest positive impact on satisfaction and loyalty. 


We work together, across boundaries, to meet the needs of our customers and to help our company win. Our success is dependent upon the collective energy, intelligence, and contributions of all of our Team Members.

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