Dedicated Development Team

Trimay has highly experienced and effective Agile teams trained to build software on-budget and on-time. When you hire a Dedicated Development team, you'll have the power to build a software solution tailored to your unique business needs. For those of our customers desiring complete control of every aspect of the development process, Trimay offers the Dedicated Software Development Team service.


Why should you hire a Team of Dedicated Software Developers?

Get immediate access to expert developers

Instead of hiring a recruiting agency and spending extra time and money, cut out the middleman and get immediate access to expert developers with Trimay.

Maximize your in-house resources

Trimay will leverage your in-house resources, including your existing technology and staff, to maximize the value of your software development project.

Streamline your budget and save money

When you hire a Dedicated Development team, you control the size of a team, the timeline for engagement, and the overall budget. Most importantly, the only thing you pay for is our service.

Gain access to all major technologies

Trimay developers are trained in all major technologies to give you the most flexibility. We match our engineers' skillsets with your software needs to ensure you're getting the best team possible for your project.


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