Quality Assurance


The interconnections between sensors, gateways and cloud application infrastructure make quality assurance challenging but no less critical. The very nature of the IoT industry, which is a blend of the digital and physical realms, exponentially increases the price of mistakes. With that in mind, we provide customers with extra testing capacities to accelerate their projects' releases.  With more than five years in the QA and testing business, Trimay's helped hundreds of customers bring software products to market. Their successes are the best proof of our experience, professionalism, and dedication to quality.

Trimay conducts independent QA services for third-party apps and solutions. From functionality to security, we've got you covered. With Trimay as your QA service provider, you can sit back, relax, and focus on your business.

Our Services: 

Functionality Testing

Functionality testing from Trimay is designed so your application can run flawlessly. Whatever your goal, we'll figure out how to achieve it.

Usability Testing

Trimay thinks about your users and exactly how they'll interact with your application. Our exhaustive analysis identifies potential errors, confusing designs, and performance flaws.

Security Testing

Trimay QA engineers are security experts. We'll complete a comprehensive assessment to identify system vulnerabilities, provide critical recommendations, and dramatically improve your application's security.


Can your application handle the stress of scaling? Trimay experts will test how much use your application can take and determine whatever is slowing it down. We'll also provide a comprehensive report to help you make the best decisions for your business.

Compatibility Testing

Our QA specialists will test your application's full compatibility with different browsers, databases, hardware, server infrastructures, resolution displays, and devices.

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